We are currently recruiting for a number of positions here at CompleteTEK.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Janet Millerchip.

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CompleteTEK distribute a comprehensive range of products to compliment your computer system. We deal with some of the industry leaders in cable assemblies, computer accessories, surge protectors, peripheral sharing devices and cleaning products in order to supply exactly what you require.


CompleteTEK are one of the most competitive suppliers of cables, hubs and switches in the country. We are able to supply both branded and OEM cables. Our OEM range of cables are built to the highest specifications required within this fast moving technological market place.

Where requested all cables are fully moulded for maximum durability and fully shielded for maximum performance.

If you require a product with a global reputation behind it, we can supply Belkin Components products.

Visit the Belkin website to find your product and part number, we will do the rest.